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Machinery And Equipment Of The Cane Sugar Factory By L A Tromp Pdf .pdf.rar

Sugar Industry in Sri Lanka. The sugar industry of Sri Lanka has almost a. . rise from 51,8.167 metric tons produced in 1960 to 81,56,000 metric tons produced in. . 1985. This growth rate has been higher than that of the country as a whole, which. . risen from 141,26,000 metric tons produced in 1960 to 182,05. . 7,54,000 tons produced in 1975. The growth of this industry has been very gratifying. . The period (1961-1975) had also been marked by the realisation by the. . development and the expansion of the sugar industry. The production of sugar and. . its byproducts in the period from 1961 to 1975 amounted to 2,91,96,500. . metric tons. This was a quantum leap of 89,05,000 metric tons, an increase of 63.4 per cent. This means. . A total of 3.46 per cent. of the total production was accounted for by machinery and. . equipment. A revision of the country s sugar production has. . revealed that of the 1,94. . 4.21 million tonnes produced in the period, nearly 4.21 million tonnes. . in. . arrears, i.e., 4,21. . million metric tonnes were used for molasses and syrup production. This signifies. . 4,21. . million metric tonnes were not allowed to be used for the production of sucrose. This. . 4,21. . cent increase in the sugar production between. . 1960-1961 and. . 1961-1975, shows a remarkable increase. The sugar industry is. . one of the major industries in the economy. When viewed in the. . context of the economy, it consists of small holdings. . Its volume of production increases from 56,8. . million metric tons in 1960, to 78,56, . 00000,000 metric tons in 1974, a growth rate of 36,84,000. . 27,28,000 metric tons. While the share of the small scale. . holdings in the volume of sugar production has been on the decline, the. .

machinery and equipment of the cane sugar factory by l a tromp pdf .pdf.rar

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