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Buy Bifold Doors Online !!INSTALL!!

At US Door & More, Inc., you will find beautiful and durable bifold doors at very reasonable prices. They are made of the best quality hardware in the market. You can choose any of our 2-door, 4-door, or multiple-door units to spruce up your room.

buy bifold doors online

Integral blinds for aluminium bifold doors are available on all our doors with two colours to choose from. As integral blinds are inside the glass this makes them child friendly, convenient & maintenance free.

We offer market-leading aluminium bi-fold doors and aluminium patio doors across Lincoln, Nottingham, Birmingham, Kent, Leeds, London, Oxford, Reading, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas.

Here at Doors & More, we are bifold door specialists, offering a vast selection of premium timber, UPVC and aluminium doors at affordable prices. Bifold doors are an innovative door design providing many benefits to homeowners. From space saving designs to transparent natural light sources, bifold doors have been a welcomed solution to many properties over the last few decades.

Internal bifold doors allow you to utilise space in whatever way you desire. From opening rooms to create a larger space to dividing rooms to create a more intimate effect. One consistent feature that makes them versatile for use around the home is their space saving nature. They take up less room that other door types making them a suitable option for everything from rooms to wardrobes.

Our external bifold doors come in a range of materials so you can choose the best option for you. All offer enhanced thermal efficiency and security measures, along with being easy to clean and low maintenance.

Ensuring you find bifold doors that fit your door frames is crucial. When shopping our products you will find a variety of standard sizes for each product along with the configurations to help you find the correct doors.

We stock timber, aluminium and UPVC bifold doors, of which there are a variety of options to choose from. Our timber bifolds are offered in a variety of hardwood and softwood options including modern engineered timber options.

Some people prefer to paint and finish their doors themselves, especially for the interiors, so they match the doors to their existing décor. Equally some prefer to buy their bifolds ready to hang. Our bifold doors have optional unfinished, primed or finished status so you can decide what suits you the best.

While bifold doors are great space saving solutions they are often used for larger entrances and openings. Bifold doors present you with the best of both worlds when it comes to interior design. Opening the doors allows you to blend two rooms into one, while closing allows you to divide living areas as and when required. Their versatile use is advantageous for various reasons.

One of the greatest benefits of bifold doors is that they let natural light flow throughout your home. Natural light improves your mood but also helps save on the electricity bills. And when used externally you also benefit from increased ventilation when the doors are open as that fragrant fresh breeze gently soars in.

Aside from the practical reasonings, many people choose bifold doors for their stunning low maintenance nature. And bifold doors can be as small as a single door entrance. They offer something for everyone but if in doubt take a look at our stunning range and feel free to ask any questions.

With so much product research carried out online prior to purchasing an item, it makes sense to make sure a product is easy to find. Unfortunately, when customers are unsure of the exact name of a product, they may end up searching for the wrong item entirely, resulting in thousands of fruitless searches each month.

Bi-fold doors are a prime example of a product that is often referred to incorrectly, as we discovered in our independent survey. We showed 925 members of the public, a picture of a bi-fold door and asked them to tell us what kind of door it was. Only 27% of respondents answered correctly, indicating that almost three quarters of the public do not know what a bi-fold door is.

Yes, the sizes you enter are the overall sizes for your doorset. This includes the frame and cill (if chosen). E.g. A 900w x 2100h doorset is the overall size including the frame. This means that the door slab itself is smaller then 900w x 2100h due to the frame being incorporated into these sizes. This is also the same for side panels which are also surrounded by frame..

The Normandy wood burning fireplace glass door has an aluminum frame with a variety of color options available to make it truly unique for your masonry fireplace! Its sturdy construction guarantees a product that will endure for many years. Full swing trackless bi-fold doors come with this door. Tempered safety glass is available in clear, or optional bronze, or grey tints and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Sliding mesh curtains can be added to protect your home and loved ones from sparks and embers. If you prefer, you can upgrade to cabinet mesh instead. Submit your fireplace opening dimensions and tell us whether you need an overlap or inside fit custom fireplace door. We'll custom make the elegant Normandy enclosure just for you! Free shipping! Proudly made in the USA!

Doors are a staple for pretty much every home. They partition spaces in an area, give a sense of privacy for people inside, and also add a layer of security. Unlike traditional doors, however, bi-fold doors are slightly different from their standard counterparts. Bi-fold doors fold when opening and closing them, which opens up plenty of doors (no pun intended) for design choices, saving space, and so on.

A bi-fold door is a type of door that folds into two different parts when opened. This effectively halves the space that the door normally takes when opened. This can be ideal for spaces that want to keep their doors open for prolonged periods of time, or for small spaces that need as much free space as possible.

Constructed from thermally broken aluminium, foam filled gaskets and insulation to help reduce the risk of condensation, the frames of our korniche bifold doors are some of the best out there on the market, and their stylish finish helps to put them above any sort of similarly priced competition on the market. Along with this, the korniche bifolding doors can be folded up compactly, giving you more space and a more open feel to any area. These doors are more than suitable for a wide range of settings, from homes wanting a more modern look to public buildings and hospitality establishments offering outside areas. Why not take a look today at our range or get in contact for a quote.

"It was hard to decide who to place our order with as there are so many Internet companies selling bi-folding doors and all claiming to be the best. Our builder recommended the Glass Door Centre and after checking prices we went with them as they were amongst the cheapest selling the Korniche doors. Everything turned up on time and the new doors look great. Thanks to Albert for his help & advice."

By zoning your home with a Concertina Door you make the most out of the space you already have, as well as creating flow throughout your interior. These doors are unobtrusive when opened full, so you can open up your space entirely without a door getting in the way, or create two smaller spaces when necessary.

Our Vinylcloth doors are affordable, sturdy and easy to install. Made from an easy to clean vinyl material, they are backed with a cloth mesh fabric for both strength and durability. They come in a range of whites and pastels to suit any colour scheme in your home, and offer all the benefits of a traditional bi-folding door without having to spend a fortune for the same results.

For a modern, contemporary and streamlined feel Timberline doors provide the benefits of traditional wooden bi-fold door for a fraction of the price. These elegant doors are available in a variety of neutral colours and woodgrains, to suite any home décor, as well as the option for window panels which provide the benefits of zoning your room while still allowing light to fill your home.

Caravan refurbishment made simple. Concertina Caravan doors are the perfect choice for your caravan. Lightweight and unobtrusive, our caravan doors are made with a high quality aluminium tracks so that your door remains solid and strong, no matter how bumpy your trip is. Divide the bathroom, bedroom or lounge room spaces in your van for maximum privacy without compromising on space.

We want to assure you we are doing everything we can to deliver on our manufacturing and order commitments whilst protecting you, our team and our community. We are committed to working with you, and providing you with the high level of customer service Concertinadoorsonline is known for.

We deliver the majority of bifold doors in and around Kent, in places such as Canterbury Margate, Ramsgate, Dover, Folkestone and more. However, we can and do deliver nationally for a fee. If you want to know if we ship to your area, contact us.

We are a supply only company that works with tradespeople, installers and DIY homeowners across Manston, Kent and beyond. We do not offer installation services but have a range of support online you can view to assist with the fitting.

Doors offer privacy and a way to divide the floor plan of your home, and they can also be an important design element. On, you can explore popular types of interior doors and find ways to separate rooms in style.

If you want a traditional interior door that swings from hinges on one side, you can choose between a slab door or prehung doors. A slab, which is simply the door itself, comes without hinges, other hardware or a frame. Prehung interior doors come already fitted with hinges and with a hole predrilled in preparation for a handle. Some prehung doors may come with a frame or door casing.

Choose from a variety of materials, including wood and glass. For a truly vintage or a distressed look, consider an interior barn door made from reclaimed wood. For a more modern style, look for glass interior doors. 041b061a72


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