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Leo Morgan

FE Annoying Sound Controll Script *OP* | Hydrog... EXCLUSIVE

Now it's probably annoying to move the ammo you want to the top of your list so I recommend LadyRena's (Claris's) equipment script since it takes care of that annoyance (see Claris's section on this page).

FE Annoying Sound Controll Script *OP* | Hydrog...

This solution worked for me - unmuting my AfterShokz headset (even though I never remember muting it in the 1st place). Now the beep is gone & I can use the mute button in Teams without the annoying beeping sound in my ear.

Some packages that do automatic collection of networking gear configs - such as the miserable but versatile RANCID - script "accept new host key" as part of their connection chitchat, so many have decided this is just not that much of a risk even though it sounds sub-awesome. 041b061a72


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