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Windows Xp Sp2 Oem Serial Number ((FULL))

If you looking on the internet for a Windows XP Product Key So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you all windows XP version product keys or serial keys to get enter and activate windows in 2022. A lot of people daily bases search for windows XP sp2 or sp3 professional edition windows product key because Microsft can not any update Windows XP all for manual work so this post is all about Windows XP how to activate and how to select a product key or lifetime working.

Windows Xp Sp2 Oem Serial Number

Hello, After entering my product key I am promted to enter fields A-B-C-D-E-F-G with a numbers only code said to be provided by Microsoft operator? How do I get this? If I call microsoft will they help or will they not, due to not supporting xp anylonger? Or is there a universal code that works for this? Thnx for any help.

Using any Dell Win XP CD, it will never ask you for a serial number as it takes it from somewhere in the BIOS. Using a "generic" CD will ask you - but unsure why it doesn't accept the number. Microsoft has internally updated the Win XP installation between integrated SP2 & SP3 CDs a few times because they were running out of serial numbers. Unsure if related.

Who knows if the Win XP prior to wiping was using the serial number on the sticker. I had a "client" with a valid OEM sticker but got a message that Win XP SP2 couldn't install. Turns out the Win XP copy was pirated even though the OEM number was legit!

I've got here a customer's Dell Optiplex GX620 (out of support from Dell) that came with its preinstalled Windows XP (out of support from MS) and its "install media" (read: dell-branded windows xp sp2 install cd). We had to replace the (failed) harddisk and then I begun to reinstall WindowsXP using the cd that came with the system.

The sticker on the pc has an activation code along with its serial number in the form 00045-617-192-xxx, and the installed windows xp got a serial in the form 76435-OEM-0011903-00xxx. There is no windows activation stuff in Applications > Accessories > System Utilities, and Windows Update would want to install the WGA thing (KB905474).

Yes that's pretty normal, some manufacturers choose to ship a computer with a pre-activated OEM Windows CD. Activation is done automatically based on hardware ID's. WGA should just verify the installation properly. If not, it will ask for another serial key. Then just input the one that's on the sticker.

hmm..would it be possible that i can ask dell to send me one windows xp disk service pack 2? i mean i purchased this dell laptop some years ago, but there was not even a recovery disk, just windows pre-installed and that product key..^^

To make a long story short; there are three flavours of of Windows xp pro serial keys you need to be concerned about. The versions are VLK, retail and Oem. The VLK is a volume licence key issued to corporations who have many systems to install and all use the same key. The retail key allows the user to reactivate the WXP system any number of times and allows it to be transfered to other systems as you upgrade. Of course you must uninstall it from the previous system as it can only be active on one system at a time. THe last is oem and this is provided to system builders and is locked to the original system to which it was originally installed on. All systems have unique serial keys to go with each version ie. a serial key for VLK will not activate on a retail edition cd. You have several options depending on your situation. If you have a serial number for WXP Pro on your case then you can install using an oem cd and use the Dell serial number as noted on the case. If you own a key to a retail package then you need to obtain a retail edition cd and load from that. Good Luck.

It is true that these product keys are for a trial version, and you still have to Activate Windows after you install. But all you have to do is use the phone number instead of using the Internet. Very simple, a little longer, but it works. You give them the numbers it shows on your screen, and then they give you numbers in return. Good luck! Worked great for me!

how can i over-ride this problem?when ever am browsing with my desktop even with my laptop computer i alway see the pop up windows telling the system will be shut down 2 minute and when it get to that exact time the system will off.please i need help on how to stop the promblemthanksjohn

ok hey everyone just to give you a hint theres a reason ea disc has its own validation key handing out your validation key on here will cause problems for you later cause microsoft will disable your windows because so many other people are using it ea validation key is only registered to 1 computer so if its on 8 computers they will kill that validation key meaing all computers with it will be dead it is advisable to not hand out the key that works for you or youll be looking for a new one eventually oh and even though the unattend hasnt worked for everyone it obviously has worked for others so its worth a shot if your in need and here you are so in need indeed :)oh and the product key in my unattend hasnt been listed on this page so for all those saying they are all the same no they arent maybe you just have a old win xp disc like before they started monitering the widows validation keys like hawks with binoculars mine starts out with r6r not xpcdt as many others are showing

i have a LEGAL copy of windows xp pro sp2 cd and its the retail version. i need to reinstall it again but dont have a key for it. ive taken my computer up 3 times to have windows insta;lled i keep geting virus no matter what. ive used every single fire wall, anti virus programs and no matter what i still run into this problem. been going on 3 months now.oh ya i do have a product key on my computer but its only good with windows xp sp2 oem cd

For all of those that are having problems:The numbers listed in the unattend.txt are ONLY the number that the OEM manufacturer uses to do an unattended installation on hundreds/thousands of computers per day!Can you imagine some poor tech typing individual product keys all day long????

It will ONLY let you get the installation started and at some point, WILL ASK YOU FOR A VALID COA KEY NUNMBER.Each OEM has several numbers they use in bulk that ALSO have the COA stickers tied to the UNATTEND.TXT numbers.The unattend.txt numbers ONLY LET YOU install unattended as a courtesy of the OEM (lol!) when you need to re-install the OS as it was when it was shipped.

Hey back in oct a person named anuella gave me the working key for my windows and i want to that you ive bine trying for weeks and the look on the disk in the unattend.txt and found it but didnt work so thanx again and good morning all

You are the Jedi Master! This worked after I had my network invaded with the SYSTEM SECURITY TROJAN and had to re-install windows on my computer. I thought that I had lost my setup, but thanks to you I am able to work again!Word to the wise, this new trojan looks EXACTLY LIKE a Windows update System Pack 3 update! I thought it was, and it got me. Also, I suspect that it was tied to two sites that I visited, so I am notifying the webmasters as we speak.

This ones easy, just get rid of windows altogether and install ubuntu/ linuxmint or any other gui based linux distro! no need for shitty product keys or activation hassles, and they do everything windows does anyway

Hi,Once, I paid two times for the Vista product key because I forgot the product key at the first time then, I had no choice but bought it again. It not only waste money but also wastes time. Then I tried a software called Password Genius. It can find windows xp product keyonly within 1 minute.Check it out: this can help you !Best wishes!Mia

this trick will only work if you have not installed the same windows cd. else you have to use the actual cd key to get just log on to or write your way or your request letter to

Hi I have recently bought a refurbed laptop with windows xp on it, it told me that I had 30days to activate windows and then the next day it locked me out saying that it would not let me log on till I had activated it but it wont activate and is now asking me for a product key which I have not got and wont be able to get in the next few days.Is there a way round this? I have tried all the activation codes on previous posts and microsoft have been useless. Please help, I need the laptop working asap

i have got a computer with windows xp service pack 3 and it asking me to activated before the 30 days expire i was wondering if anyone could help me by getting a product key so i can activate my computer please

I have an original cd with windows xp prof. 2002 incl. service pack 2 but the key from the cd will not be accepted when I try to install windows. I tried with different keys I found in internt but none work. Can someone tell me what to do? Thanks a lot!!!!

T2H3V-JWXCH-MMKJ4-MRX6V-BWRTJ worked for me. omg iv been at this for hours. i wish i had never put the disk in in the first place. i hope there isnt any other numbers for this that i need and dont have. omg.

I lost my original windows xp pofessional product key and CD and now it is necessary for me to submit the details of my pc for business purpose and audit purpose. so kindly tell me the procedure to take that evidence and product key.

1. Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 Simplified Chinese Standard Edition 2. Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition Activate Key:key: Mdgjk-pf6yq-pd8dj-rfqvm-7wkwg Qv9xt-cv22k-d8mgr-4md86-8myr6 vb96b-vfg8f-74xwj-w67q7-8x82b m6f6d-vfqwh-cgwrb-rc7jr-vcv4w c49dp-cphcb-mdgp3-mg334-w2v4w dr4b3-66vpq-ck3vb-y3bpy-2cj2g Jycjx-chtjx-rgh97-86wm9-rb6b6 Mvdyf-x7fbw-h29xt-tckww-rbyrt Bxjxt-9f88v-xxqwv-3mwmg-fydjt mhft3-yghv4-g86p4-kqxj3-gyh4w 3. Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 English Standard Edition 4. Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 English Enterprise Edition 5. Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 data center English version 64-bit version: 1. Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 x64 Simplified Chinese Standard Edition 2. Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 x64 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition 3. Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 x64 English Standard Edition 4. Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 x64 English Enterprise Edition 5. Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 x64 data Center English version Windows Server 2003 serial number collection: Windows 2003 serial Number: Cky24-q8qrh-x3kmr-c6bcy-t847y Windows2003 Enterprise Serve r serial Number: QW32K-48T2T-3D2PJ-DXBWY-C6WRJ WINDOWS2003 standard Server serial number: m6rj9-tbjh3-9ddxm-4vx9q-k8m8m Windows2003 Web Server serial number: D42X8-7MWXD-M4B76-MKYP7-CW9FD WINDOWS2003 Server Edition serial number: JB88F-WT2Q3-DPXTT-Y8GHG-7YYQY Windows 2003 Server Cd-key (SN): Cd-key:jk6jc-p7p7h-4hrfc-3xm7p-g33hm cd-key:jcgmj-tc669-kcbg7-hb8x2-fxg7m Enterprise Edition: QW32K-48T2T-3D2PJ-DXBWY-C6WRJ Standard Edition: c4c24-qdy9p-gqj4f-2db6g-pfq9w Windows 2003 Enterprise VLK serial number: jb88f-wt2q3-dpxtt-y8ghg-7yyqy Windows 2003 Standard VLK serial number: jb88f-wt2q3-dpxtt-y8ghg-7yyqy Windows 2003 Enterprise RETAIL:QW32K-48T2T-3D2PJ-DXBWY-C6WRJ Windows 2003 Standard Retail: m6rj9-tbjh3-9ddxm-4vx9q-k8m8m All VOL Windows 2003 Server serial number: JB88F-WT2Q3-DPXTT-Y8GHG-7YYQY All OEM DELL Windows 2003 Server serial number: tppjh-fg9mv-kqpxw-hvhkj-6g72 Windows xp/2003 Serial number replacement Tool 1.0 Downloads: To change the Windows2003 serial number method: 1: Start-run-oobe/msoobe/a, display the results, Windows is activated; 2: Start-run-regedit: Backup key value under Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowsntcurrent versionwpaevents, Export to file for example: Wpa.reg 3: Modify or delete the Wpaevents sub-key; 4: Run oobe/msoobe/a again, it should now be inactive; 5: Select "I want to call the customer representative to enable Windows"; 6: Point "replace product Key"; 7: Enter the genuine serial number, then click "Replace";(I used jchbm-qgrbf-9pymm-7w9fy-3dwyb) 8: After returning to the Product ID input interface, click "Remind Me Later", the activation window will be closed; 9: Into the registry regedit, import Wpa.reg; 10: Re-execute the oobe/msoobe/a, the result is activated State; 11: If the serial number is correct, it can be verified by Windows Genuine, can be automatically upgraded online, but also through the online genuine verification 12: Try to install WIN2003SP1, success, try automatic upgrade, success


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