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Free Mac Cleaner 2019

Pricing plans start from $39.95 a year, but you can try the free version first to understand if this option will work for you. The company also offers great discounts for multiple-device coverage.

Free Mac Cleaner 2019


MacCleaner Pro is a tool from the Nektony creators. This one also offers a free Mac cleaning software trial that allows you to speed up, clean up and manage your disk space using three straightforward tools. You can later upgrade to the powered-up paid version, which offers additional features like disk space analyzer, duplicate file removal, and application uninstaller.

I like the fact that the system overview is straightforward to understand. It's been visually modeled on Apple's built-in storage management tab, so it instantly feels familiar. You get a clear breakdown of system clutter and other performance issues. In addition to clearing junk files, The Speedup tool can help optimize your Mac by rebuilding your Spotlight index, freeing up RAM, and disabling startup applications.

This tool earned its spot on the best Mac cleaners list because it's more than a cleaner. In fact, it's a bit of a one-stop shop with an array of features, including Unarchive, Transform text tool, Presentation mode, and so much more. Parallels' goal is to help users get the most out of their devices for $24.99 per year. This is one of the most affordable options on the market.

DaisyDisk is available to purchase from the App Store for $9.99 and has excellent reviews. You can download a free trial via the website, but the downside is you need to register your email address to use it.

AVG Cleaner is an absolutely free Mac cleaner software that comes with two main functions: Duplicate Finder and Disk Cleaner. It can help detect and cope with several sorts of junk files: downloads, application cache, and logs. At the same time, however, it cannot remove leftover files.

You can download it from Mac App Store. But be informed that you may experience some compatibility issues. Still, if you run an older macOS version and want a free-of-charge app that would scan your Mac for junk files without entering your email or any other personal information, it may be a great choice for you.

CCleaner might not be as visually appealing as other tools mentioned in this review article, but don't let that put you off. Its free version comes with three robust, reliable tools that quickly clear clutter and reclaim space. Let's take a closer look.

Hopefully, you found this review helpful. However, if you still decide to continue your own research for Mac cleaners, make sure to download from untrustworthy sources. Too often, malware and other types of viruses can disguise themselves as cleaning tools.

Your Mac can show you how much storage space is being used by various categories of files, and how much space is available for additional files. As you take the steps in this article to free up storage space, this storage information updates automatically.

Your Mac can optimize storage by using iCloud to automatically make more storage space available when needed.* Let your Mac free up storage space for you. You can also use built-in utilities to quickly find and delete files, apps, books, movies, and other items that are taking up space, then delete items you no longer need.

Therefore, the goal of conducting this review and comparison is to help you make wiser decisions and find your desired Mac cleaner app. I have no intention to rank these products in the current order.

Your goal is to make room for your Mac, not to install a number of third-party utilities that eat up more storage. Ideally, the best cleaner app is cleaning-focused, meaning it should aim to help users remove unneeded files and applications.

In general, paid apps tend to offer more features and values than free apps. Among those paid apps, pricing models also vary. For example, some apps charge based on subscription ($ per month or per year), while some others offer a one-time purchase option.

Based on my observation, paid Mac cleaning apps usually offer higher-quality, more timely customer support than free apps. This is unfortunate but reasonable, as adding a new channel for support means extra cost to the developer.

New update: now you can also get Gemini from Setapp, a Mac app subscription service that offers a 7-day free trial and includes access to a few hundred paid apps including CleanMyMac and Gemini. Read our detailed Setapp review for more.

A closer examination revealed that most of those issues were privacy data e.g. cookies, browsing histories, etc. left behind in the Chrome browser. I view those as false reports. However, I do like the Duplicates Finder and Photo Sweeper features, which are quite similar to what Gemini 2 offers. Photo Sweeper is most useful for those who are used to sync photos across your mobile devices without cleaning them; you can use this feature to locate those duplicates or similar files and remove them safely. This should help you free up a decent amount of storage considering these days digital assets are larger in size.

In general, MacBooster is a nice app that aims to clean and speed up a Mac machine. Its features are a combination of what CleanMyMac and Gemini offer, and even go beyond. However, choosing the best Mac cleaner software is not simply a game of comparing the number of features. Personally, I still prefer the user experience of CleanMyMac and Gemini, and recommend them because they are more lightweight in nature, as well as the way MacPaw markets their products.

Hey. Thanks so much for the research. I got a message, ostensibly from Apple, that my MACBook Pro had been invaded by destructive and privacy-invading malware that could steal my personal banking details. I had exactly 4.5 minutes to respond before complete destruction. There was a free version and a paid one. It was called Mac Cleanup Pro. I almost bought into it and decided to research the validity of the APP. I came across your blog.

I really like Onyx and it is free but I just tested Clean My Mac X and to be fait it is a great piece of software for Mac maintenance. I am always having cache issues when working on my sites and the cache cleaning feature comes really handy at times. I also like the fact that you can easily spot and remove 32bits apps which will no longer be supported soon by MacOS. Thanks for all your great tips JP!

It depends on how you define \u201csafe\u201d. All the software and apps I tested are free of viruses or malware, but when it comes to deleting files the apps suggest you do, better be careful as you might delete the wrong files.

There are no industry tests or scientific research showing that cleaning a Mac will directly speed up your computer\u2019s performance. The main use case of Mac cleaning is to free up more disk space.

If your Mac is relatively new, you don\u2019t need it. If you are a power Mac user, you probably don\u2019t need it. For those who are not into tech, Mac cleaner software can save you some time or hassles cleaning your Mac.

When it comes to Mac cleaners, you would be hard-pressed to find a more popular solution than CleanMyMac X by MacPaw. This feature-packed app boasts a polished user interface and a whole host of useful cleaning features, making it possible to get rid of junk in all corners of your macOS with a single click.

CleanMyMac X is able to tell useful files from those that can be safely deleted thanks to the constantly updated Safety Database. Because the cleaner has been in development for over 10 years, you can be sure that the database contains all junk commonly found on modern Macs, including large and old files, Trash Bins, iTunes junk, mail attachments, and so on.

In addition to performing deep system cleaning, CleanMyMac X can neutralize malware threats, tweak various system settings, uninstall or reset apps, and securely delete sensitive files. Users can try all features for free and unlock unlimited junk removal for $39.95 per year.

All files and folders are displayed as a visual interactive map that makes it crystal-clear where the largest files are located. The visual nature of DaisyDisk makes it incredibly easy to free up storage space and avoid an expensive purchase of a new storage device.

Ccleaner for Mac is an easy-to-use Mac disk cleaning tool that shares most features with its incredibly popular Windows counterpart. Originally released in 2004 by Piriform, Ccleaner has helped countless users fix annoying slowdowns, reduce clutter, and delete potentially sensitive cookies and other leftover files.

Ccleaner for Mac is fully customizable, giving you the flexibility you need to improve the performance of your Mac. You can specify exactly what you want to clean, such as Safari data, Trash, recent documents, and so on. Of course, you can also choose to clean all junk files in one go, which is the recommended approach when cleaning applications and system files for the first time.

Formally known as Dr. Cleaner, this well-rated Mac cleaner is developed by Trend Micro, an American-Japanese multinational cybersecurity software company known primarily for its cybersecurity solutions. As its name suggests, Cleaner One Lite is the free version of Cleaner One Pro, which means that it lacks certain features that some users may find important.

Clean Me is an open source cleaner for Mac that started as a personal project and gradually evolved into a compelling alternative to the best disk cleaners for Mac. It can clean everything from the Trash folder to downloaded mail attachments, document revisions, app, user, and system caches, spotlight indexing data, system logs, and more.

Compared with other free cleaning apps featured in this article, scanning with MacClean definitely takes more time, but at least the results are worth the wait. The bad news is that scanning is the only thing the free version lets you do, and you need to purchase a license to delete found junk files.

You can also use App Cleaner & Uninstaller to disable and uninstall Mac system extensions, remove macOS install files, clean up Mac widgets, and more. All this functionality can be tested completely for free for up to 7 days, but you need to purchase a license to continue using the tool once the free trial period is over.


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