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Foison C24 Vinyl Cutter Drivers: Tips and Tricks for Successful Cutting

thank you Slice&dice for getting back to me , this is my 1st dabble into the world of plotter cutters , been doing 3d printing hence the eye rolling comment , so I bought a licensed copy of easycut studio to go with a 2nd hand foison C24 , got it connected and it was cutting fine, cut about 10 different projects, I had a project being sent to the c24 when my laptop crashed, it restarted and easycut popped up saying it had shut down unexpectedly and to recover last project , which I did and it was after this I have been having problems ,after trying everything I could I wondered if it was the cutting program , so following the way to uninstall I first deactivated the license before installing on my desktop computer , but this did not fix the problem, as the C24 will still not move when I try and test the connection or send a project to the plotter, I have tried to use a different coms connection in the dropdown menu in easycut studio but no joy , would you suggest I try a different software to eliminate the possibility it is this as i am getting the same problem with different computers, hope this has explained things a bit better

foison c24 vinyl cutter drivers

For some reason your laptop crashed. Have you tried a system restore on that laptop? No mention on the 2nd desktop of installing the FTDI driver. Cutter does not have TRUE USB. Only higher end cutters do. You have to have a com port number in device manager 1-4, Then you choose the same number in your cutting software, 1-4. They must match. Are you able to use the arrows on the vinyl cutter to move the carriage head?

Excuse me, put you don't go jumping on some else's thread, unless you have an answer about a Foison 24. This post is about a Foison 24 vinyl cutter. Start your own thread. If some one wants to answer it, they will. You cannot contact me.

A value cutter is always better on a serial cable or a Tripp-lite Keyspan adapter. That is the brand name. You use the serial cable that came with the cutter and connect it to the Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter then to the vinyl cutter. Value cutters have a cheap Chinese chip in them, not TRUE USB.

Using USB connection, Did you download and install the FTDI driver for whatever Windows you are using? You must. Search online. Then reboot your computer. Then you find that com port number (between 1-4) nothing higher in your computer device manager and choose the same com port number in Signblazer. The vinyl cutter is not a printer. It does not set up like a printer. I hope you are choosing CUT, not Print. A vinyl cutter only cuts vector designs. You should be doing test cuts from the vinyl cutter, test cut feature, to check the blade depth and blade offset before cutting any designs. That is part of the cutter set up, or you will be wasting a lot of vinyl. You do test cuts and fine tune the vinyl cutter to cut good.

We are always working hard on creating driver for your vinyl cutter(s) and we are proud to say that Easy Cut Studio is now supported with more than 700 vinyl cutters and cutting plotters. If you don't find your vinyl cutter in this list, contact our tech support to check if our software is compatible with your vinyl cutter/plotter.


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