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Buy Amazon Book Reviews

Amazon has a list of top reviewers who are enthusiastic and authoritative about certain areas. If you notice that someone consistently reviews books in your field, they might be a good person to reach out to.

buy amazon book reviews

Goodreads is a social media site for book lovers. Their book giveaways are a good way to increase exposure and create hype. Goodreads requires participants to add the book to their wish list, and they also remind winners to leave reviews. They offer several packages at different price points, depending on how many promotional options you want.

A product that has a lot of positive Amazon reviews and an average rating of 4-5 stars looks like a better deal. It looks like it will deliver on its promises. In the case of a nonfiction, how-to book, it looks like it actually teaches readers what it says it will teach them.

On top of this, some reviewers have other channels where they publish their reviews. Their own blogs, Goodreads, and review sites where they are members all help your book get in front of more people.

If you have time, a great way to ensure you write the best book you can is to enlist a team of beta readers in the publishing process. Beta readers are simply trial readers who read your book before it is published to give you feedback on how you can improve your book. If they like it, why not ask for a review at the same time?

You can make a shortlist of specific people, or reach out to communities (such as Facebook groups targeting certain demographics) asking for volunteers. I targeted a business Facebook group where a lot of the members want to write a book.

While it can take some time, researching top Amazon (Vine) reviewers can garner you some weighty reviews. You can peruse the list of these 1,000 reviewers and find ones who review books like yours (and if they leave a lot of negative reviews, beware). Even if you only get a handful of Vine reviewers to read and review your book, that can be super helpful and influential.

Let me emphasize those last three words. If you go around conferences strong-arming famous authors [read: ingratiating yourself], begging them to spend precious hours of their life reading your book and write a glowing review, you are going to be labeled a pesky pariah.

While Amazon emails customers to leave reviews some days after they purchase anything on their site, a personal encouragement at the back of your book, along with a link (if an ebook), will probably persuade readers to leave that honest review.

Caution: Your Link Not Working? First, if your link isn't working, just remember that Amazon won't allow you to leave a review for your own book. So, have someone else try your link. Also remember that in order to leave a review, someone needs to have made $50 purchase on Amazon that year.

Needless to say, I had listened to 7 of the books in that series, but on the 7th one where he put this in his audiobook, it legitimately made me not only give the 5 stars at the end, but take the time to write a well-thought-out review. I felt like it was the least I could do.

Love Books Group: Reviews books on their site is a easy process to submit.Affaire de Coeur: A bi-monthly magazine that publishes reviews in historical, contemporary, paranormal, erotica, YA, and nonfiction primarily.Book Page: Must send an ARC 3 months prior to publication dateThe Kindle Book Review: Offers a list of reviews to contact individually based on preferred genres.Compulsive Reader: Mainly focuses on literary fiction and poetry, they also review music CDs and other interesting things.Crime Fiction Lover: Recommends sending a Press Release (***) and a bit hard to get into.Book Smugglers: a highly read book blog that likes to focus on Horror, Urban Fantasy, SciFi, and YA.Crime Scene Reviews: Reviews Crime and Mystery novelsSF Book: Started in 1996, SF books offers a list of Scifi Book reviewers you can contact individuallyFantasy Book Critics: Lists a bunch of legit book review sites, as well as offers their own in the Fantasy realmTop Sci Fi Books: This website lists the best scifi and fantasy books based on certain subgenres. They have a sweet spot though for self published authors.Barnes & Noble Review: An incredible name for a Editorial Review, however, they require you to physically mail a copy and a cover letter in for consideration.

It could be from what a website said about your book, a news paper, a verbal recommendation, etc. The point is, you can use what people say outside of Amazon, here. As we showed from a heat map study, readers pay attention to the section. So, therefore, use the tactics listed above in order build a persuasive Editorial Review section for your book.

As a self-published author, having a portfolio of authentic positive Amazon reviews, right from the beginning, can skyrocket your book launch and make your book stand out in your market.

This is why it is critical that when you launch your book you set everything up to get as many reviews as possible to get momentum going, increase organic traffic, and drive your rankings in the search engines. This means a higher percentage of people writing reviews for your book, not just at launch, but for months (and years) down the road.

Book reviews for your book on Amazon are one of the defining factors that determine if a potential reader will click the BUY NOW button or not. In fact, if your book has less than 10 reviews, there is a strong chance that your book will get passed over.

There are many ways to get reviews but searching for reviewers to review your book is a time-consuming process. You could waste precious time chasing bad leads and end up with nothing for your effort.

2. Create your list of potential reviewers. As you build these relationships with your fanbase, start making a list of people who express interest in joining your launch. If you have multiple books and have been through the publishing process already, take note of the readers who have left reviews already.

Send out a welcome email with a link to your book in PDF or/and Mobi form. You can create a folder in Dropbox and just include the link to a shared folder. Make it easy for them to access the material.

There is a list of top 1000 reviewers on Amazon. These people review everything via the Amazon vine program, although certain reviewers target books specifically. If you can get an Amazon Top Reviewer to look at your book, this is well worth it.

Review services, however, can speed up the process and find reviewers for your book. One of my favorites is BookRazor. It is a paid site but they promote a system of honest reviewers for your book by providing a contact list of potential readers.

First of all, thank you for purchasing this book [Your Book Title Here]. I know you could have picked any number of books to read, but you picked this book and for that I am extremely grateful.

You can relaunch your book if book sales drop and the reviews stop coming in. When you relaunch your book, you can put together a new launch team, and even add a new chapter to the book to generate a renewed interest in your book.

I have tried this strategy several times in the past year and, by relaunching the book, adding new value to the content, I put together another small launch team of 30-40 people. This brought in another 20+ reviews for a book that was suffering from lack of sales and poor rankings.

Getting positive reviews on your book is a great feeling. In a perfect world, we all want to have just the good stuff when it comes to our review platform. But alas, there will always be that dissatisfied reader that was expecting something much different than what your book was offering.

Writing a review for a book you like is a great way to drive potential readers to the title. If you read a great book recently and you want to tell people about it, you can take a few minutes to write up a positive review.

That is true, but Amazon knows that book publishers and authors have supplied review copies of books to reviewers for generations. Amazon does NOT allow reviews for products unless the reviewer has bought the product unless it is a book.

"Amazon Forest and Savanna Lands" provides an overview of the land resources of Amazonia in terms of the complex of climates, landscapes, vegetation and soils found throughout this vast, often misunderstood region. The authors have written the book for a broad spectrum of agronomic scientists, foresters and ecologists. The senior author has had over 50 years of experience in the evaluation of Amazonian lands working with international organizations. Furthermore, he has developed technologies applicable to agriculture generally, some with the help of his co-author and son, who is a senior lecturer in the Civil Engineering and Natural Resources Department of Canterbury University, New Zealand. The study is subdivided into 3 sections which are supported by a series of original studies available free from the authors' web site;

In synthesis, this book apart from providing an unique insight into the soils and ecological complex of forest and savanna lands throughout Amazonia, summarizes a series of technologies for the study of tropical lands and agriculture generally. It would be a valuable reference source for many agronomic and ecological scientists. It is published (full color) by Web site: 041b061a72


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