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Leo Morgan

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castro has no sympathy for el presidente's grand vision for a modernized and democratic caribbean. with the us exerting its influence in the region, combined with a series of famines and rebellions, the country has been drifting toward chaos. the people are hungry, and the streets of the capital are in turmoil. left with no other choice, castro decides to intervene, and throws his lot in with the american colonies. with the help of us intelligence, and his own countrymen, he not only helps the us crush the remaining patriots, but also ousts el presidente. but a revolution does not succeed unless it is led by strong, skilled and charismatic leaders, and where does one find such men at this moment? castro seeks out for the best men to lead his new country: the exiled tropicans, the wealthy elite of the caribbean island. they are ready to take part in a bold new experiment, and build a new society, an island-wide democracy, with equal rights for all. but nothing is easy in tropico. you have only a certain amount of time to create the kind of society that you want. so, if you want to be a dictator, this is the place for you. you can even give your people the freedom to criticize your decisions! but if you prefer to be a benevolent leader, then you can still take the reins of power!


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