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Dobrynya Krasilnikov
Dobrynya Krasilnikov

Project Igi Level 5 Gameplay

You start on a hill facing the first compound to enter. The keycard you want is located in one of the office buildings (marked in the screenshot). If you enter the compound you will be spotted sooner or later and have lots of guards fluttering about. That can of course be fun but if you want to level the odds a bit you can go west (don't loose height) and stand opposite the watchtower (see screenshot). Start zooming in on the guards and shoot one shot at a time with your M16 at the guards (avoid those surveyed by cameras). Here you must be economical with your ammo. If you're running low on ammo you should consider going down and kill off the four guards around and inside the Guard HQ. Pick up their ammo and go back. If you hit a guard most of them will start running to one of two spots and then just stand there waiting for you to pick them. They make easy targets and are too far away to see you.

Project Igi Level 5 Gameplay


When you feel you're done, walk back to the starting point of the level and then down the hill from there. It's easy to take damage if you don't since it's quite steep. Destroy the camera on the Guard's HQ before entering the building. If you do it from long range you'll be safe. If you're closer (probably inside the compound) a guard or two might notice you and come running. Go into the Guards HQ and take the elevator. First it goes down one floor. Kill the two guards and pick up Desert Eagle and Medipack. Use elevator and go to the top floor. Pick up the guard's ammo. From the western balcony you can probably kill a few more guards that you didn't take out from the mountain. Then exit the building.

Released in December 2000 by Eidos Interactive, Project IGI - I'm Going In is one of the first in a long line of tactical first person shooter games, featuring realistic weaponry and requiring not only quick reflexes, but also tactical prowess from the players. Somewhat undermining the inventive gameplay elements was poor enemy AI. Nevertheless, the game was successful enough to spawn a sequel.

Hardest level. there was a lot of texture bugs, which not always working as I needed, also hard to survive. 1- truck jump. This jump should be performed from very edge.2- computer texture bug. Working only with broken computer. Also it was hard to jump off into those beds by one movement.3- door texture bug. Working only while sitting4- tower texture bug. Rarely working at once5- fence texture bug. High speed while falling allows to go into the fence sometimes and lose it, which save health.

One of the hardest level (at least as I wanted to run it). First grenade hit one near the barracksSecond killed both on roof and on balcon. Third killed one on right side. Also aiming from m16 by binoculars to fast kill. But hardest part of this level is the texture bug in the radar that is Veryand very rarely working from one try. Then easy texture door bug.

I used computer texture bug to get out from the textures. Then jumps to the edge position and big strafe jump to the upper cooridor near the final room. Like as in 12 level I hit side texture of corridor and didn't get any damage.

Climb the hill to the left and ready your Dragunov - be careful not to waste ammo on this level as it is scarce. Kill the guard on the watch tower, then the guy patrolling to the far right, and the single camera. Equip the M16 A2 and enter the base, shooting 3 guys on the ground in front of you, and readying an AK47. Enter the warehouse straight ahead and collect explosives for the A2. Use your map to identify a guy patrolling nearby - exit the warehouse and kill him. Keep going and pick off a guy patrolling the bridge ahead of you. Turn left to see 2 barracks - open the door of the left and throw in a grenade. Do the same with the second barracks, then go into both and collect lots of ammo.

Open the door and get another grenade ready. Advance to the gap between boxes on the left and throw a grenade. Advance down the stairs, killing the 2 guys. Open the door, throwing another grenade straight away. After it explodes, enter the room and kill the guy behind the computers. Open the door and crawl to the ledge. Look down and kill 3 guys on levels below you - look out for a guy on the same level as well. Go down to the bottom level and enter the tunnel.

Ready your proximity mines - place 1 in the dark room directly opposite, then one on each of the two green machines. Climb up with your JackHammer ready, and walk back until you see an enemy behind the glass. Shoot him and the guy who comes out of the room. Now go unside and use the computer. Kill the guys who appear on the same level as you, then one above and any below who miss the mines (should be none). Now go down and enter the tunnel, killing the lone enemy. Grab the Medipack in the next room, then go through the door to the left. Slide down the ladder and shoot the guy who charges, then kill Ekk. Protect Anya until the end of the game.

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Even though it was released way back in 2000, this game is still immensely popular because of its story and gameplay.


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