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Dobrynya Krasilnikov

Frozen Flame EXCLUSIVE

The Leviathan Axe requires an item called the Frozen Flame. Eight flames in total can be found across the Realms in God of War Ragnarok. The last flame is split into six Frozen Sparks, which are collected by completing the Hel to Pay Favor in God War Ragnarok.

Frozen Flame

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Unlike the first Frozen Flame, the second flame is much harder to obtain. However, it's still acquired naturally through the main quest, similar to the first flame. Once you start climbing the mountain, you'll reach the Foothills, and you'll encounter a troll.

Once you defeat both bosses, you'll be rewarded with the powerful Frozen Flame and can finish the quest. "The Magic Chisel" is a late-game quest, so you can't unlock this flame early in your playthrough of God Of War, but that's fine since you don't need the flame's power until you've reached this point in the story.

Sindri is a very helpful character in God Of War, and he becomes even more useful after finishing the main storyline. Unlike the past three Frozen Flames, you don't need to complete any combat trials to unlock the fifth flame; instead, you'll need to purchase it.

Once the item is in your inventory, you can speak to Sindri and trade it for the final Frozen Flame. Unfortunately, this is the only way to obtain the fifth Frozen Flame, so you can't purchase it with Hacksilver. Once you've obtained this flame, you'll have fully upgraded the Leviathan Axe with Frozen Flames.

Introduce a lighter, and ask your spectator to open or ignite it themselves. As you wave your hand over the lighter's flame, tap the flame and now the whole lighter has magically frozen -- the spectator cannot open or ignite the lighter. Discover the secret of FROZEN FLAME! Nothing to add Very easy to do Fully examinable 041b061a72


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