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Dobrynya Krasilnikov
Dobrynya Krasilnikov

Prince Of Persia Game for PC Exe: Everything You Need to Know

prince of persia classic game features:

Free Download Prince Of Persia Game Setup For Pc Exe


  • explore a new type of gameplay: a retro style game accompanied by a brand-new narration

  • unparalleled swordfighting experience: with a freedom of style and a unique time to take the blows

  • freely explore the world map: discover new areas to explore, new weapons and new obstacles to overcome!

  • new playable character: take on the role of the prince of persia, a young man imprisoned in a palace for not respecting the rules of the tribal chief

  • new mythical creatures: the evil ghost of an old king and his host of undead soldiers

  • new quests, multiple weapons and items to discover

  • the renewed version of the classic prince of persia with the smart gameloft design and new features

  • new costumes: choose your characters costume as you wish

  • new graphics: desert sands, golden sands, green hills, fresh water, and more!

  • new music track: the perfect soundtrack for your heroic adventures!

  • voiceovers: discover an exciting plot full of suspense!

look, use and think this way of life is the wrong direction in accordance with your desires and goals. if you dont want to experience the long desert of fire, then leave this place of your own free will. but if you keep on running after me, then dont be surprised when youre hit by arrows or fall under the chains of an unfortunate fate, as well as being dragged to the center of a ferocious sand storm. this is the cold reality which is waiting for you to stop your pursuit of happiness.

the prince of persia classic by gameloft invites you to the adventure of the sands of time. this new prince is free and easy to use. simply take the sword, but use it carefully, and learn to control the blade and the warrior at his disposal. go beyond the limits of the desert.


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