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Leo Morgan
Leo Morgan

Gay Man Peeing !LINK!

If you have a vagina, you've probably heard many times that you should always pee after sex. But given that running to the bathroom isn't necessarily what you want to do after a hookup, you've probably wondered if peeing after sex is absolutely necessary.

gay man peeing

But there are exceptions to this rule. Liam* stopped using urinals at work after a senior member of staff kept peeing next to him. "There's a line of five urinals at work, and even if I use the end one, there is one sales director who will always come and pee next to me and chat," he explains. "It's like a power play, like he's daring me to feel uncomfortable."

Senior therapist Sally Barker agrees that pee-related tension is one of the most common forms of male social anxiety. She describes it as an example of a typically male "all or nothing" style of thinking: "Men sometimes allow an experience of slight anxiety or uncomfortableness around peeing in public to dominate their thinking, until they feel completely blocked, forgetting any occasions when they were problem-free."

At stores like Best Buy, where the Sirius shelves looked picked clean of radios and the dozens of accessories that seem to accompany these gizmos, employees had seen men like me before. And they've been dealing with us increasingly of late. We are a sad, helpless bunch, who would throw down a hundred dollars, minimum, for a radio, and then spend $13 per month for a subscription, all so that we can enjoy what we've been promised will be an endless, unregulated stream of the most unserious, simplistic, offensive, puerile -- not to mention the funniest, least resistible and uncommonly infectious -- sounds known to humankind. And finally, early Monday morning, after all the money and the waiting, that's what we got: A symphony of trumpeting flatulence, a cacophony of diarrhea, the endless moans and groans of phone sex, orgasm, burping, peeing, pooping, cursing ... Ladies and gentlemen, Howard Stern is back! 041b061a72


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