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Lacie D2 Dvd Driver Mac

Can anyone help me continue to use my LaCie d2 DVD R/W Drive on my Intel iMac? The drive can read okay, but I cannot burn disks the only driver software that I have is Toast 6 Titanium which is power PC only.

Lacie D2 Dvd Driver Mac

FWIW, you don't need driver software - you need software that'll burn to a CD or DVD (which includes encoding) so you can use the DVD in any DVD player; Toast is the best, but there are a few others I've heard - just google for burn software and make sure it's compatible with 10.7 on a Mac.

First you need to use a supported drive within your hardware system in this case a PowerPC based G5 and under the OS it runs. You can't use an Intel driver as thats like putting gas into your diesel car.

Everything you need to install the LaCie d2 DVD+/-RW with LightScribe comes in the box, including the AC adapter, a FireWire cable, a USB 2.0 cable, a LaCie Utilities disc, and a quick-install guide. The guide offers little practical help; fortunately, installation is as simple as powering up the drive and attaching the FireWire or USB cable to the host PC. Once connected, Windows XP sees the drive and installs the proper drivers (Windows 98 SE and Me users will need to preinstall the d2 drivers from the utilities disc). If you're looking for more details on the drive and how to use it, refer to the electronic user manual included on the utilities disc.

LaCie covers the d2 LightScribe with a standard one-year warranty (though you may be able to purchase extended-protection plans through your retailer). Calls to technical support will carry a toll charge, but you can reach support by phone or fax Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT. The LaCie Web site offers additional support with a searchable FAQ, driver downloads, tutorials, and e-mail support.

LaCie d2 Quadra 4TB Drive Fast and reliable:the d2 Quadra now featuring USB 3.0 Universal connectivity and compatibility Professional grade: 5Gb/s interface, 7200rpm drives Save space: stackable and rack-mount option Advanced power modes for energy savingsDesign by Neil PoultonThe Professional Choice for Performance and ReliabilityWith the new USB 3.0 5Gb/s interface and up to 4TB, the LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk is the ideal tool for creative professionals who need both fast speeds and large storage capacity. It features 7200 rpm drives with a minimum of 32MB cache for the best performance and seek times, so it can handle the most resource-intensive applications. Best of all, it can achieve speeds up to 130MB/s in USB 3.0. The Professional Choice for Cross-Platform ApplicationsThe d2 Quadra has got the latest connectivity with USB 3.0 and two FireWire 800 interfaces for daisy chaining, but it is still fully compatible with, eSATA 3Gb/s, USB 2.0 and FireWire 400. It s even USB 3.0-compatible on Mac computers, thanks to LaCie s USB 3.0 driver for Mac OS. With all of its interfaces, the d2 Quadra has universal connectivity, so it is easy to back up and restore any workstation, no matter the configuration and interfaces. And thanks to the USB 3.0 performance, you can make faster, more frequent backups of your data, keeping it safe and secure. Since the d2 Quadra tops out at a 4TB capacity, it can even be used as a simple and convenient storage expansion for a server. The Professional Choice for Functional and User-Centric FeaturesWith the preloaded LaCie Desktop Manager , you can easily configure the shortcut button to launch the application of your choice in one push and configure your drive s eco mode. And, with its two-color front LED indicator, it is easy to check the drive status. It also includes Genie Backup Assistant software and Intego Backup Assistant software with data restore for Windows and Mac. Both products provide an ideal solution for a simple and user-friendly backup and file retrieval.The Professional Choice for DesignThe d2 Quadra s unique and unobtrusive design is respected in the creative content industry for good reason. The unique, fanless aluminum heat sink design provides an increased surface area, keeping it quiet, safe, and free from dust inside. It can also stand upright, be stacked horizontally with other drives, or even be rackmounted to save desktop space. It s a superb solution for heavy storage users who want off-site backups and archives of any work environment. For superior energy efficiency, it also has a programmable eco mode, which automatically conserves energy if the drive is inactive for a certain period of time. On top of that, it s recyclable and ROHS-compliant.

The slightly larger-than-a-bread-toaster red and sliver box contained the silvery-gray burner, a 6-pin to 6-pin FireWire cable, a USB 2.0 cable, power supply, some blank LightScribe media and a DVD-ROM containing the drivers, user's manual, a Quick Install Guide as well as supporting software.

Recommendation: We highly recommend using a tool like DriverDoc [Download DriverDoc - Product by Solvusoft] if you are inexperienced in updating Lacie CD-DVD Drive device drivers. Our driver update utility does all of the work by downloading and updating the correct d2 DVDRW 22x USB with LightScribe drivers automatically.

Additionally, when you use DriverDoc to update your CD-DVD Drive drivers, you'll also be able to keep all of your other PC drivers updated by utilizing our extensive database of over 2,150,000 drivers (with daily updates), covering all hardware devices.

d2 DVDRW 22x USB with LightScribe errors may be linked to system drivers that are corrupt or obsolete. Device drivers fail intermittently and inexplicably without any apparent reason. The best part is that your CD-DVD Drive drivers can always be modified to solve the laptop dilemma.

It can be incredibly difficult to find the exact driver for your d2 DVDRW 22x USB with LightScribe-based hardware unit, even directly on the website of Lacie or a related manufacturer. Although you might have plenty of experience in handling d2 DVDRW 22x USB with LightScribe drivers, there still is a lot of time involved in this update process. Incorrect hardware drivers can lead to more serious issues than just a faulty installation.

To stay updated with all of the essential new features of drivers, we suggest going with a driver updater program. Driver update utilities ensure you have correct drivers that are compatible with your hardware, it also guarantees that there is a backup of current drivers before any software/hardware changes are made. You are assured that you can rollback to the earlier edition if you encounter some trouble with your driver.

One wierd way to fix this issue (non-mounting and/or blue flashing power light)...especially with the LaCie d2 drives (a d2 500GB and a d2 600GB) is:1. Unplug the cable (in my case USB).2. Unplug the power cord from wall.3. Pick up drive.4. Walk over to a 'real' PC running Windows XP (I don't have an Intel Mac to test whether Bootcamp or Parallels will work).5. Plug USB into PC.6. Plug the power in.7. Turn on drive.8. Wait for drive to spin might ask for driver install..and probably wont mount, but usually the blue light goes steady.9. Reverse the process and plug it back into the Mac.10. Reboot the Mac.Ninety percent of the time the drive remounts doing this...the 10 percent it didn't I repeated the process and it remounted.Don't know why it works..but it does.I had to do this the very 1st time to get it to mount.

I should have also mentioned that both firewire (1394) and usb interface boards for lacie and other equipment is static-sensitive. If one touches the firewire or usb port or plugs in a cord (either to the Lacie drive or the port on the Mac), there's a chance that the interface chip will be zapped. On the desktop Mac, one can install another PCI firewire/usb card, but on the external drive not under warranty, you'll need to pull the drive and place it in another case. One that is under warranty may mean that you have to void the warranty to get at your data. Normally, the drive itself is fine -- just the interface board is toast.


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