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Dobrynya Krasilnikov
Dobrynya Krasilnikov

Jessi Brianna Rar

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jessi brianna rar

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piloleo had been the first stop on a bike tour in upstate new york. we had just finished this nice ride up a hill where she had to dismount and walk the last part of the way. i noticed her using her left knee to give her a better traction and was curious about it. i asked, "you guys are out here on a bike tour and you're using your knee?" her answer was "yes. because i have to..". her expression got me to thinking. i thought about how i have noticed that most people make their arms, legs, elbows, and knees (or whatever else moves) to compensate for the disablity in their head. i started to think about how when something is disabled, we compensate by doing what we can. it doesn't matter what we do. we could even compensate by changing the way we walk, talk, type, or play a sport. the point is, we do something. for jessie, something was her leg. it was a sign of her independence. for brianna, something was her mind. it is important that we realize our "disabilities" are simply different ways of being. we must realize that disabled people are not different and we should treat them as such. rather than make a person disabled, realize that disability is simply a different way of being. i wish that all people would see their disabilities as simply another way of being.

complete results#17 duke 6, #25 indiana 1singles1. #5 ellah nze (duke) def. alba berdala (ind) 6-1, 6-42. tara iyer (duke) def. katya zapadalova (ind) 7-5, 6-23. elizabeth plotkin (duke) def. charlotte martin (ind) 6-3, 6-14. reka zsilinszka (duke) def. sigrid fischer (ind) 6-3, 6-35. melissa mang (duke) def. amanda granson (ind) 6-3, 6-26. brianna williams (ind) def. #99 amanda granson (duke) 6-3, 6-2


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