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Hearts Of Iron 3 Black Ice Download ((TOP))

Unlike the Clausewitz Engine, the Clausewitz Engine 2 is extremely flexible and customizable. BlackIceMod was already using the engine 2 and required the user interface to be completely rebuilt.

Hearts Of Iron 3 Black Ice Download

Below is the list of features we implemented into BlackIceMod, starting with the core game mechanics. We were only limited by the limits of the new engine. Overall, it was a fairly quick victory. The core gameplay changes with UI 2.0 are:

At some point in time, I will update this page to include a list of what is offered. I would also advise to never underestimate the power of the Paradox Community. If you want to get your hands on a "Black Ice" before it is released, you may find it cheaper and quicker to just buy the release version of the mod itself. Otherwise, if you want to get in line with the community's finish-first attitude you can always check out where many of the latest Black Ice changes have been discussed in detail.

Hearts Of Iron III Black Ice Edition is a modification of the game Hearts of Iron III. Its goal is to update the base game to 2017 within the limitations of the Clausewitz Engine. It is intended to fix some of the most glaring holes in the base game as well as recreate the look and feel of a First World War. It is not meant to be a HoI4-like title.

A trend on Black Ice is new art, most notably new uniforms and banners. In addition to this, music from the era has been replaced with music from the time period. All changes have been put in the "mods_to_load" folder and when you start the game you will see a message informing you that the mods will be applied automatically. A "modded" skin can be found in the Options menu under the "Change Facial" section. It will be removed if you update Black Ice to the released version.


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