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Meet Y.E.A. Global (Africa Team)

Y.E.A. Director Ghana Africa

I am an entrepreneur who deals in hand-woven kente clothes, accessories, and natural Sheabutter. I  have been in business for 7 years and counting.


I am honored and excited to be the African Director and Facilitator of Y. E. A

Theresa Koomson
Y.E.A.  Facilitator Team Africa 
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Michael Famiyeh- Y.E.A.  Africa Director  
Carol Witt 
Founder & Director of  Y.E.A.
Young Entrepreneurs Alliance
Screenshot 2023-09-26 121452.png
Massey Wambizi
Team Africa/Co-Facilitator 
V. Keith Sims
Head Coach - Team Africa
Screenshot 2024-04-05 190004_edited.jpg
Cristy Abbott
Head Coach - Team Africa
Y.E.A. Introduction Video
Y.E.A. Seven Pillars For Thriving Now
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