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Ek Number Marathi Serial Star Pravah Serial Are 11 !!INSTALL!!

Mrunmayee Deshpande (born 29 May 1988)[1] is an Indian actress, who appears in Bollywood and Marathi movies. She has appeared in Hindi and Marathi films and TV serials and is a dancer And Anchor. Her first daily soap was aired on Star Pravah, named Agnihotra.

Ek Number Marathi Serial Star Pravah Serial Are 11

Problem is no one likes to switch to some new serial in between as the background is not known. So tendency is to stick with the old even if it is going downhill. Of course when it comes to some good shows like SNDN it is easy to switch over as it is not a serial.

Absolutely, last 2-3 days I watched " Aai kuthe kay karte " on star pravah. It is decent, at least much better than these serials on ZM ( AS and MNB). Overall, other channels are coming up with much better content than ZM. I wish the audience follows too rather than blindly watching ZM shows irrespective of what they are showing.

Ho. Majhi aai suddha (ani tya mule amhi sudhha) 'aai kuthe kay karte' he serial pahate. Ani ti jara bari ahe. In fact tya baddal mage ekda ikde me ek post pan keli hoti. Ki lockdown nantar he serial barich bari ahe to watch.

Sony marathi has blocked all new episodes of anandi He jag n h m bane tm bane post lockdown in my country. Pathetic anyways i am still on old episodes. My bad luck anytime i start watching shows they get blocked in my country or The serial ends abruptly??? 350c69d7ab


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