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Y.E.A. YouTube  Academy 

Episode 1
 Episode 2
S1 Episode 3
New Life Village - Non Profit
Mariah Hayden
S1 Episode 4
Teddy's Friends
Jason Kadlec
S1 Episode 5
Helpful HandyWoman
Jamie Sentell
S1 Episode 6
Business Consultant
Mark Katz
S1 Episode 7
Reliv Distributors
Rozanne & Cary Ritter
S1 Episode 8
The Toy Jungle
Adam Swak
S1 Episode 9
RR Designs
Rozanne Ritter
S1 Episode 10
Mary Kay Distributor
Rachel Everhart
S 2 Episode 1
Benti's Patch - Family Fun Learning Website
Clancie Wilson
S 2 Episode 2
Bill Spence - Medium
Bill Spence
S 2 Episode 3
Moringa Farming
Cristy Abbot 
S 2 Episode 4

Terrelle and Alexis Wilson
S 2 Episode 5

Terrelle and Alexis Wilson
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