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Pete's Dragon Full Movie |TOP| Download

Kathleen Carroll of the New York Daily News gave the film three stars out of four, criticizing the score and the live-action footage, but praising the animation of the dragon and the performances, writing "Sean Marshall, as Pete, looks and acts natural on camera which makes him a refreshing change from those sweet little cherubs usually cast in Disney movies. Miss Reddy plays her role with crisp efficiency and fortunately receives strong support for the rest of the cast, particularly Dale, so slick and funny as the conniving medicine man he nearly upstages the cuddly dragon."[18]

Pete's Dragon full movie download

Pete is a small boy running away from slavery with an abusive hillbilly family who have "bought" him. He falls in with an invisible dragon and a lighthouse keeper and his daughter, and assorted good and bad things happen.This Disney offering is one of the more forgotten live action movies despite the fact that it has quite a lot going for it. It is colourful, daft, has a good moral heart, some excellent villains, decent songs, and decent effects (both physical effects and traditional animation).The performances are all good, with Helen Reddy doing well in her only movie lead role, and young Sean Marshall's sincerity outweighing his winsome cuteness.This is still a good family film.

Pete's Dragon may be a little slow, but this memorable movie was one of my favorites when I was a child. What kid doesn't like to imagine having a magical dragon as a best friend? Plus, the songs are catchy, whimsical, and even touching. This is a Disney classic that should be revisited every so often.

This takes you back to the era of invisible friends, kids who talked to Martians through their lunch boxes, and pure imagination where we had to create our own games rather than turn on a switch or pick up a remote control. Yes, this is typical Disney silliness, but there's a lot to enjoy in it in spite of all that goody-goody happiness.Sean Marshall is Pete, the troublesome adolescent who is truly lonely and finds a friend in an animated dragon who sings, although not very well. He's run away from his foster family (Ma Shelley Winters has the bill of sale to prove it), and ends up living with the eccentric Mickey Rooney and his sweet daughter (Helen Reddy). One of the top singers of the 1970's, Reddy was a very charming actress, and her solo, "Candle on the Water", is one of the sweetest movie songs ever written. When Marshall, Rooney and Reddy break down and declare, "It's a Brazzle, Dazzle Day!", you're back in movie musical heaven, reminding you that Rooney was once the Sean Marshall of his era, singing and dancing with Judy Garland and conducting an orchestra where the members and their instruments were pieces of fruit or a huge slice of cake.Jim Dale takes over the villainy here as the carny man who wants to get his hands on Pete, and when he joins up with the over-the-top Winters and her brood, it's a mud-flying moment of fun with Elliott the Dragon being just as mischievous as Pete when confronting his new best friend's foes. Other professionals like Red Buttons and Jim Backus add to the fun here, with a musical score that threatens to top both "Mary Poppins" and "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" in originality and some spot on choreography that may have you applauding.This was Disney's last live action/partially animated musical, a bit past their golden era, but showing that they were concerned about the state of film as America transfered from one turbulent era into another. Some critics might call it dated, and it even may be slightly similar in theme to "Finian's Rainbow" (a dragon instead of a leprechaun), but it's still a ton of fun and filled with magical entertainment that pretty much everybody can enjoy.

Pete (Levi Alexander) is an only child embarking on an "adventure" in the backseat of his parents' car when a deer sends dad careening off the road, instantly orphaning Pete to the forest. A local myth, a big, furry dragon, comes to his aid whom Pete names Elliott, after the dog in a storybook he salvaged from the wreckage. One touch from Pete turns Elliott a vivacious green, cementing their bond. Six years later, Pete (newcomer Oakes Fegley) is a full-fledged nature boy and Elliott his trusty sidekick, their days spent gallivanting in the woods, their nights spent in a firelit cave beneath a treehouse, where Pete soothes Elliott to sleep by reading from his book. It's utopia--until a lumberjack crew shows up. Pete is discovered and dragged back to civilization while Elliott slumbers, sending him into a panic when he wakes up and alerting one of the woodsmen (Karl Urban), a hunter with eyes, eventually, on this King Kong prize, to Elliott's existence. Meanwhile, Pete settles into life with a surrogate family--park ranger Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard), her boyfriend Gavin (Wes Bentley), and Gavin's daughter Natalie (Oona Laurence)--as he remembers the creature comforts, but Elliott is never far from his mind. Grace agrees to help him look for the dragon, because his description of the animal jibes with the tall-tale her father, Meacham (Robert Redford, miscast as the town hermit but adorable just the same), has been scaring visitors to his shack with for years.

THE BLU-RAY DISCS Though released over a month apart in theatres, The BFG and Pete's Dragon arrive on Blu-ray within a week of each other in 2.39:1, 1080p presentations. Not counting the fully-animated Tintin, The BFG marks Spielberg's transition to digital filmmaking, a monumental technical and philosophical shift regardless of whether all the CG elements made shooting the picture on celluloid pointless. It looks extremely filmlike in motion here, however, and the transfer's deep blacks reflect Spielberg's old-school values, all but rejecting digital's high sensitivity to light. The Beard's movies always export well to the format and The BFG, with its tactile detail and vibrant colours, is no exception. Although DP Bojan Bazelli, of Pumpkinhead and The Lone Ranger fame, similarly favours high contrasts, his work on Pete's Dragon is curiously flat and dim (at least as presented on disc), with a surprising amount of banding for a new release from a major studio. (Given the more-than-respectable average bitrate of 32 Mbps (with some peaks into the 50s), it seems likely these posterization artifacts are baked into the source.) Detail is pleasingly glassy, though, when it's not slightly too soft, while the all-important greens are nicely variegated. The BFG comes out on top audio-wise as well, not only because it boasts a comparatively electrifying and complex mix typical of its director, but also because the levels of these 7.1 DTS-HD MA tracks don't match. Pete's Dragon sounds shy at reference volume--though once amplified it merely sounds reserved, in keeping with the film's gentle approach.

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5 year old Pete is in a car accident that killed his parents. He is saved by a magical dragon named Elliot. Six years later, a crew of lumberjacks is closing in on their home. Pete is taken with Natalie. She's the young daughter of forest ranger Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard) and lumber company owner Jack (Wes Bentley). Grace has been told many times about a dragon by her father Meacham (Robert Redford). Grace and Natalie find the young boy Pete in the woods and take him in. Meanwhile, Jack's brother Gavin (Karl Urban) goes hunting for the mysterious creature in the forest.I like the story, the characters, and the dragon. I can't help but think that the movie could be much better. It could improve with less money and holding back on showing the dragon. There is a natural questioning of Elliot as a figment of Pete's imagination that is missing from the audience. By showing the dragon from the start, Elliot is never in doubt. Heck, the dragon is often invisible. It would be more logical for it to be almost entirely invisible and the audience can wonder whether it's real, imagined, or a projection of Pete's imagination. The reveal would be infinitely more powerful. I like Bryce and the kids. Karl Urban is a little too broad. Robert Redford is odd in his role. He's too big of a movie star. The role should go to an elderly character actor from the retirement home. I have no problem with the look of Elliot but it would be more compelling to reveal him much later in the movie.

The good ol' mythical beast and a boy story, except mythical beast is boring, the boy is boring and literally nothing happens through out the movie.For a movie that starts off with "What does adventure mean?" there's very little adventure. It feels like a satire with neverending queue of "ave" and "inspiration" moments.What a waste, how do you even make movie with dragons in it so boring?

I am not a fantasy fan, but give a chance to every movie I watch. It definitely worth watching, because it's stunningly filmed and heart touching.But I upvoted some negative reviews here, because they have a point. Dragon's theme isn't disclosed. Almost no action for 100 minutes. Emotions is a good thing, but you can't build the whole movie on heart touching moments.The last thing that cost that film a star for me: who the hell will choose people when you could spend your entire life with a dragon?


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